Preventing Loss... Protecting People... Since 1968.

SSD Alarm was founded in 1968, with the mission of providing our customers with high-quality “Advanced System Solutions” and superior customer service.

  • Address: 1740 Lemon Street
    Anaheim, CA 92801
  • Phone: 800 . 888 . 0444


Our company owned Monitoring Center is staffed by dedicated professionals 24/7. We monitor your building sprinkler system and any other connected or supervised points through the Fire Alarm Control Panel. In addition, we monitor Emergency Phones, Security Alarms, Video Cameras linked to alarm events, Environmental Sensors and CaptureCam, our wireless video verification solution. By owning and operating the Monitoring Center ourselves, we are able to control the quality of service provided to our customers and eliminate the disconnect so often experienced by others using 3rd party centers. For added protection, we operate a second monitoring center and disaster recovery facility capable of handling all customer signals in the event of a catastrophe. Our center can monitor your fire alarm over phone lines, internet, cellular and radio and offers the latest in mobile apps, push notifications and activity metrics through our client web portal.

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