Preventing Loss... Protecting People... Since 1968.

SSD Alarm was founded in 1968, with the mission of providing our customers with high-quality “Advanced System Solutions” and superior customer service.

  • Address: 1740 Lemon Street
    Anaheim, CA 92801
  • Phone: 800 . 888 . 0444


CaptureCam can protect those areas of your business that have traditionally been difficult or cost prohibitive. Outdoors Storage Yards, Rooftops, Vacant Properties, Remote Buildings, these are all areas that CaptureCam can be successfully deployed to protect. CaptureCam’s unique design is that it’s 100% wireless; completely battery powered and provides a verified alarm signal to the SSD Monitoring Center. This enables us to place CaptureCam sensors in the most effective locations without having to worry about power or pull costly cable. When we view an intruder in your yard or on your roof, we describe the scene and individual(s) to the police resulting in a priority response. If you are tired of dealing with false alarms and break-ins with little or no response, CaptureCam may be the solution for you.

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